Looking for a Electrician? 5 Questions to Ask

man with flashlight at residential circuit breaker panel

Take the the time and do your research when hiring an electrician by asking the contractor the right questions.  Don’t assume into thinking that every contractor with the title of “electrician” is actually the professional you need for your job.

We suggest asking the following questions to avoid shoddy work:

  1. Are you licensed?  Make sure the contractor holds a valid electrical contractor’s license, bonding and insurance.
  2. Have you worked in residential homes before?
  3. What is your hourly rate?  No one like the surprise of getting a bill than higher than expected.  So just get it out of the way and ask this question upfront.  You want to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  
  4. How long should the job take? Again, no one wants a project that just seems to keep dragging on.  You need to understand the scope of the project and use the information to compare it to what other Electricians are giving you as well.  
  5. Who’s doing the work?  Be sure to ask whether the owner will do the work, or use employees or subcontractors. If the owner isn’t onsite, the employees should be journeyman electricians, not apprentices in training.   An apprentice can’t work by himself.  They have to be supervised.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We will be happy to touch base with you if you have any electrical issues or concerns.  Our team stands ready to assist in anyway. 

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