Circuit Breakers

We Will Replace Circuits, Breakers, Fuses & Wiring

Circuit, Breakers, Fuses & Wiring

A circuit breaker is a device that cuts off power if the current is too high.  When circuits, breakers, fuses & wiring fail, it can be a disruption to your life. When these important components malfunction, it can create a deadly fire hazard. Call our 24/7 help line to to ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of your electrical system.

Outdated or damaged circuits, breakers, fuses & wiring are among the most common electrical fire hazards.  Want peace-of-mind that your circuits, breakers, fuses & wiring won’t overheat, throw sparks, or endanger your home in any other way? You need an electrical safety inspection to ensure these crucial components are safe now and will remain that way for years to come. 

Bring out a Vital Electrical Systems electrician to replace any and all dangerous components.

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How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

An overload can be corrected by redistributing the load, or by plugging devices into another circuit. However, you don’t have this luxury while an overload is happening. A circuit breaker acts immediately so an unsafe current doesn’t lead to trouble.

Circuit breakers are typically found in a panel. They can be replaced, but you should not work on an electrical circuit breaker box unless you have experience. The general process involves shutting off the main breaker, removing the front metal covering, and loosening/removing the wire connected to the damaged/faulty breaker.

Without the proper experience, training, and tools, you risk electric shock, burns, and severe injuries or death by working with electricity. Therefore, contact your Vital Electrical Systems electricians for your circuit breaker repairs and more.

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We provide skilled workmanship with professional results. Your friendly Vital Electrical Systems Electrician will conduct a very detailed inspection to ensure you are up to code. We will provide you with several options and ensure you have enough information to make the right electrical decision to meet your needs.