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At Vital Electrical Systems, we hold ourselves to the highest & strictest standards, including compliance with all local and national codes dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Our standards ensure that all of our customers’ homes are as safe and as reliable as possible.  We help homeowners protect their investment by complying with the NEC.  Our electricians make sure homeowners can sell their homes with minimal trouble. 

Local code inspectors and enforcement boards inspect for compliance with the minimum standards, as set forth in code. Our Vital Electrical Systems Electricians are extensively trained and licensed technicians who will comply with all local and state codes. Our technicians received specialized training to flag and take the necessary corrective action to keep your family and property safe.  Call us Today: 203.257.7569

Some electric code violation guidelines include:

Our trained electrical technicians can complete your house rewiring and evaluation of your circuits to ensure compliance to code and the safe delivery of electrical current within your home.  Safety is always our number one priority.  

GFCI receptacles are required in bathrooms.

Hallways more than 10 feet in length must have at least one receptacle.

All countertops receptacles must be GFCI

No receptacles face-up on countertops.

At least one receptacle should be located on islands

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We provide skilled workmanship with professional results. Your friendly Vital Electrical Systems Electrician will conduct a very detailed inspection to ensure you are up to code. We will provide you with several options and ensure you have enough information to make the right electrical decision to meet your needs.