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Whether you need to install a permanent generator, or you need us to install electric hookups for your new portable generator, our team is ready to help you. We are proud to be the leading electrical service in the nation that is a full-service provider, offering installation, repair, replacement, and servicing for all electrical needs. We are available to assist you with any emergency problems—we are available for you around the clock.  

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Generator Services: Install. Replace. Repair.

Tropical storms, lightning strikes, and other major disasters does occur and can cause outages multiple times a year.  With a generator you can keep the lights, the AC and more when the power goes out, and you can still use essential appliances in your home.  

If your generator is costing more in fuel, has trouble starting, or has inconsistent performance, Vital Electrical Systems can replace your generator with a model that suitable for your home size, your needs, and definitely your budget.

If you already have a generator installed in your home, but it’s not working correctly, our electrical experts are here for you. Be ready in case of a power outage.

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We provide skilled workmanship with professional results. Your friendly Vital Electrical Systems Electrician will conduct a very detailed inspection to ensure you are up to code. We will provide you with several options and ensure you have enough information to make the right electrical decision to meet your needs.